Outline for Research Paper Projects: Make It Perfect

July 27th, 2012

Is it absolutely necessary to start your investigation from an outline for research paper projects? You might want to skip this stage and start from more exciting things, like experiments and their discussion. Try to resist this temptation and take a closer look at why and how you should plan your investigation before making your first steps.

Outline for research papers: format

What is an outline for a research paper? A research paper outline is a plan of your project in the form of several sentences, representing the most important stages and details of your investigation. It will make your project more persuasive, consistent and better organized. These are the main recommendations for writing a good outline:

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Thesis Statement for Research Paper Projects: 4 Easy Steps

April 5th, 2012

thesis-statement-for-research-paperIf you desperately need help writing a thesis statement for your research paper and start losing hope to find a solution, it is high time to look through this quick guide. If you wonder how to write a good thesis statement, you might want to follow the 4 easy steps described below and come up with a truly good thesis statement for your research paper.

A thesis statement for research paper projects: Step 1

A thesis statement is a very condensed summary of the main arguments you make in your project. It is a sentence or two long, usually placed at the end of your introductory paragraph. The first step to writing a winning thesis statement for research paper projects is to understand its main goals. The main goals in writing a thesis statement are:

  • to create a road map for the paper and explain what readers can expect from it;
  • to take a particular stance with respect to the discussed problem;
  • to make a claim that might be disputed by some other people.


A thesis statement for research paper projects: Step 2

The second step in creating a worthy thesis statement for research paper projects is to clarify the type of your research paper. The type of your research paper affects the form of your thesis statement. There are two main types of research papers:

  1. Argumentative (you can and should take a particular stance). A thesis statement for this type of research papers should clearly state your stance. E.g. Although global warming is irreversible, the community should be educated on how their efforts can be valuable for reducing the negative effects of this phenomenon.
  2. Analytical (you do not have enough competence to take a particular stance, but you can analyze and synthesize the opinions of others). E.g. While a number of the world’s greatest poems and plays are traditionally attributed to William Shakespeare, under the influence of anti-Stratfordianism, the movement disputing Shakespeare’s authorship, Walt Whitman, Sigmund Freud and Mark Twain denied the relation between the historical Shakespeare and the works attributed to his name.


A thesis statement for research paper projects: Step 3

The third step to writing an effective thesis statement for research paper projects is to choose appropriate constructions and use them to finally formulate it. Here are some valuable phrases and hints:

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Parts of a Research Paper: Integral Elements of the Mechanism

January 18th, 2012

Academic process includes a set of different tasks of all levels of difficulty aimed at facilitating and mentoring the process of your knowledge acquisition. As a rule, students encounter necessity of writing different types of academic papers at school.
The first experience develops logic and reasoning skills: comparison and contrast of various objects, solutions on a problem, and discussion of a story read in class, or description of a person or weather. In this respect, children are taught certain things used further in writing. Every academic year brings a new curriculum and a new challenge. Finally, students are required to write all parts of a research paper.
Integral Elements of the Mechanism
Students should know the essence and basic parts of a research paper writing process. The first thing to do while writing a research paper is to choose a topic. Then you start searching for relevant information and creating a rough draft of the paper.
Write, proofread, edit, and again proofread all parts of a research paper.
The second element to consider concerns the parts of a research paper as they appear in the writing process:

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Literature Research Papers: Four Ways to Write Perfectly

December 15th, 2011

Literature research papers are usually the most interesting home assignments a student may get. Hopefully, all students like American and foreign literature in order to get pleasure from literature research paper writing.
Hereby, you must be aware of all rules and requirements literature research paper writing presupposes. However, we are going to remind you everything you already know adding some new information.
Literature Research Papers Guidelines for Proper Writing:

  1. First, you have to be well aware of what the book or books are about. Definitely, your literature research paper will look funny if the only thing you have read was the book’s summary.
  2. When reading the initial piece of literature, please, take notes of the brightest events of the book, citations you liked the most, and just explicitly explained things that will enrich your literature research paper.
  3. Your own impressions are not enough in order to make a good literature research paper. Use direct quotations and make sure you follow the citation format requirements properly.
  4. Follow the thesis statement made at the beginning of your paper. Be concise but descriptive in your literature research paper.

Literature research paper writing is a perfect opportunity to show one’s writing talents and abilities. If you are able to read thoroughly and have various emotional ups and downs then, most likely, your literature research paper will be vivid and creative.

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Format of a Research Paper: Emphasis on the Formal Side

November 23rd, 2011

Balancing the format of a research paper with its content
It is generally accepted that meeting the format requirements is important for improving the learners’ writing skills. It is helpful for collecting one’s thoughts and organizing one’s paper logically. Some learners are inclined to underestimate the importance of the format of a research paper.
Focusing on the content of their researches, they might sacrifice design of their papers, regarding it to be a mere trifle. It might result in students’ fines and following discouragement. Paying attention to the format of a research paper, a learner is expected to improve the logical structure of one’s work and to make its language more accessible for potential readers.
It is really important to strike the right balance between form and content. Students should allot enough time to both parts of the assignment. It might seem that a learner could think about the format of a research paper after completing it.
Still, it is just a widely spread misconception complicating the students’ task. It is advisable to consider the format of a research paper from the very beginning of one’s research process. It could economize one’s efforts significantly.
Appropriate format of a research paper

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Downloadable Research Papers: Aspects Students Should Be Aware Of

September 29th, 2011

Searching for downloadable research papers, students come across papers of various qualities. The accessibility provided by downloadable research papers implies that students would be able to search for specific papers based on selected categories. Nevertheless, there are some issues with downloadable research papers that students should know about. In that regard, this article will attempt to provide a word of precaution for students about downloadable research papers.
One question students should ask themselves, before using downloadable research papers, is how they think downloadable research papers occur on the internet in the first place. Mostly such papers are free, and thus, they were mostly works already submitted by students in their institutions.
Thus, unless they were completely rewritten, referenced, and/or paraphrased, most likely students will be penalized for cheating and plagiarism. Additionally, another problem with downloadable research papers is the difficulty to identify their origins. Such papers might follow formats not suitable in some countries, as well as different language usage.
Utilizing Research
With the problem of identifying the origins of downloadable research papers there is also the problem of credibility. Students might want to utilize the findings of the research, i.e. use books and articles from the bibliography, use direct quotes, borrow an interesting argument, etc. Nevertheless, it can be stated that it is common in such downloadable research papers to find information which is unverifiable, and what is worse, fabricated.

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Computer Science Research Papers: The Efficient Way to Write Them

June 29th, 2011

Computer science students have to undertake computer science research papers as a part of their completion of their study program.
Computer science research papers are very important as they have a strong influence on the grades received by the students.
Tips to write a computer science paper effectively
These tips will assist computer science students to enhance the quality of their computer science research papers

  • The title of a computer science has to describe what the paper holds in the fewest words possible.
  • In the title page it is also necessary to provide the name and address of the student and the date of submission. There may be other requirements of the tutor to be satisfied.
  • The abstract may be taken as the summary of the contents of a computer science research paper. Below the abstract it is useful to provide the key words and a summation of the abbreviations.
  • The body of a computer science paper starts with the introduction. The introduction serves the purpose of stating the nature of the problem being investigated and the importance of the problem.
  • The background follows which is a summation of the work already done on the problem.
  • This is followed by the research methods section in a computer science paper. This section describes how the problem was studied.
  • The results section follows, which provides what the study found.
  • The discussion section of a computer science paper comes next. The purpose of this section is to explain the meaning of the findings.

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Argumentative Research Paper: Arranging Arguments and Facts

May 13th, 2011

Different kinds of research papers suggest different approaches to their writing. Indeed, depending on the topic, tone, style of writing research papers can have various forms. That is why, argumentative research papers can be viewed as a separate kind of writing task.
Due to this fact, in order to write a successful argumentative research paper, one should know its basic features. Their list is given below:
Obviously, the most important requirement for an argumentative research paper is the presence of arguments. Thus, one should try to state clearly their point of view about a certain issue in an argumentative research paper.
Scientifically supported
Another important feature of an argumentative research paper is its scientific sustainability. Make sure that every given argument of your argumentative research paper is supported by one or several facts.
Academically valuable
Indisputably, an argumentative research paper is to be academically valuable. This means that there should be some discovery in an argumentative research paper, which can contribute to the sphere studied.
Well structured

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Academic Research Paper: Developing a Good Research Idea

March 18th, 2011

Academic research paper writing always begins with choosing a topic. Or, it will be more precise if we say, developing a topic, as you will hardly have a list to choose, but you will have to generate an academic research paper idea on your own. In this article, we discuss what criteria a good academic research paper topic should meet.
It is often said that an academic research paper topic should be “interesting”. Sounds great, but not too specific. Let us go a bit further and specify this issue. There are 4Is that you should embrace when developing an idea for your academic research paper:

  1. Interesting for you. It is all simple: when you like what you work on, you work better and get better results. Evaluate your background and choose a subject which you know much about. This will be a good subject for your academic research paper.
  2. Interesting for your teacher. Try to amaze your teacher with an interesting approach to academic research paper writing. Choose an interesting dimension for your research. On the one hand, your academic research paper should be relevant to what your teacher has explained. On the other hand, you should do your own investigation and expand your notion about a subject of your academic research paper.
  3. Interesting for a potential reader. Imagine that you are a reader of your academic research paper. Will your work be interesting and helpful for those who have an opportunity to read it? Orientation on a reader in writing is a very helpful habit, try to develop it while you are studying, and it will help you in your professional life.
  4. Interesting for scholarship. Since you are a student involved into academic writing, you can be considered a scholar.

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History Research Papers: Peculiarities and Hints on Writing

March 11th, 2011

History is always about research: each minor fact becomes a subject of the detailed investigation. Though History research papers should be written according to the basic rules, writing them has its peculiarities. This article describes how to make your History research paper bright and of high quality.

Use Primary Sources

The following sources are considered primary:

  • diaries
  • letters
  • periodicals
  • public speeches
  • official reports
  • photos etc.

Such sources will make your History research paper much more interesting. Many primary sources are available online.

Write Lively

When writing your History research paper, try not to forget that History is about the people. Though the events from the pages of your books took place many years ago, your task is to make them lively on the pages of your History research paper:

  1. Avoid using clichés and giving shallow estimations.
  2. Provide quotations.
  3. Add interesting details.

Consider Different Opinions

History is not the exact science: speaking figuratively, when studying this subject, you cannot be sure that 2 multiplied by 2 equals 4. The historical events get different interpretations, which makes this science difficult and interesting at once.

Try to reflect the different opinions about the historical events you investigate in your History research paper. Give the references to the authors and their works which you used in your History research paper, even if you did not provide the word-by-word quotes: the sources of the ideas also require referencing.


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