An Autobiography Poem: Best Solutions, Amazing Tips

When you work on your autobiography, you are ready to do almost anything that will make your paper rock. Writing autobiography poems is one of the most shocking, but highly effective solutions to this problem. This option will demonstrate your talents and leave your readers gaping, because this format is not frequently used in autobiographical writing.

An Autobiography Poem: Main Principles

An autobiographical poem is a piece of poetry written by the author about his/her own life. Though this format has a number of peculiarities, most principles of writing an autobiography in prose are applicable to autobiographical writing in poetry.
The common principles of writing an autobiography in any format:

  • 1st person narration;
  • presents glimpses from the author’s life;
  • includes the author’s feelings and impressions;
  • conveys a particular philosophical message and mood;
  • motivates readers.

The peculiarities of writing bio poems:

  • rhythm;
  • rhyming (if any);
  • size (at least 15 lines);
  • more expressive means (similes, metaphors and so on).

Note that if you have difficulties with rhyming your poems, you can simply omit this point. Let’s not forget the free verse, which does not require rhymes at all. It can be an effective solution for you.

What to Include in an Autobiography Poem?

Because the size of a poem is limited, you should choose an appropriate form for expressing your thoughts and creating a full picture out of separate episodes. These are sample questions which can be covered in your bios:

  1. time and place of birth;
  2. 3 adjectives, which characterize you as a person;
  3. brothers and sisters (if any);
  4. hobbies and interests;
  5. likes and dislikes (weather, personal qualities, events, etc.);
  6. fears;
  7. dreams and aspirations.

Feel free to add anything you like to this list for creating a more vivid and detailed self-portrait.

Check out Famous Examples

One more expert tip for those who want to use this unusual format for bio successfully is to look through the most famous examples written by outstanding poets. These are only a few of them:

So, use these simple tips, examples and your poetry talent for making your poems exact reflections of your personality and life. Good luck with your poems and do not hesitate to experiment with the form of your autobiographies.

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