Dissertation Conclusion Format: Winding Up Your Term Paper

dissertation-conclusionOne of the important parts of a term paper is the dissertation conclusion. This section of the term paper is purposely written to summarize or make generalizations about the main areas of your writing. It also serves as a means to give your final comment or closing statement.
In dissertations, a writer is expected to draw a conclusion. More often, dissertation conclusion tends to be more compound and multifaceted which include specific sections on findings and recommendations for further work. There are different format in presenting conclusion in dissertation papers.

Restatement of objectives in your dissertation conclusion

Your conclusion can start by repeating your original hypothesis and restate some parts of the introduction to give the reader an overview of the study which eventually lead you in drawing your conclusion. This is your way to validate your hypothesis or disprove it, whichever the case may be. It is important that readers see the authenticity of your study.

Summarize findings in your term paper conclusion

When writing your dissertation conclusion, you should be able to summarize your findings after you have undertaken the research. The findings should be clearly communicated to the readers for them to understand the result of your study better. You can account for all the data and mention the result of other individual testing and stating if they had effect or none to your hypothesis.

State the significance of the findings in your dissertation conclusion

This is the most important format that you can have for your term paper conclusion yet the most challenging one to draw. You must assert to the readers the relevance of your study and be able to establish its importance to them. Refer back to your introduction where you gave a thesis statement and objectives of your paper and present conclusive statement that would give an answer to your stated problem.

Detail the implications in the dissertation conclusion of your study

In your dissertation conclusion, cite scientific studies that you used to in making your tests. You can also state the reasons on how your study can impact future scientific studies. After the acceptance and publication of your dissertation, students taking masters and doctorate will use your study as a source or reference for their own research in the future.

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