Thesis Statement for Research Paper Projects: 4 Easy Steps

thesis-statement-for-research-paperIf you desperately need help writing a thesis statement for your research paper and start losing hope to find a solution, it is high time to look through this quick guide. If you wonder how to write a good thesis statement, you might want to follow the 4 easy steps described below and come up with a truly good thesis statement for your research paper.

A thesis statement for research paper projects: Step 1

A thesis statement is a very condensed summary of the main arguments you make in your project. It is a sentence or two long, usually placed at the end of your introductory paragraph. The first step to writing a winning thesis statement for research paper projects is to understand its main goals. The main goals in writing a thesis statement are:

  • to create a road map for the paper and explain what readers can expect from it;
  • to take a particular stance with respect to the discussed problem;
  • to make a claim that might be disputed by some other people.


A thesis statement for research paper projects: Step 2

The second step in creating a worthy thesis statement for research paper projects is to clarify the type of your research paper. The type of your research paper affects the form of your thesis statement. There are two main types of research papers:

  1. Argumentative (you can and should take a particular stance). A thesis statement for this type of research papers should clearly state your stance. E.g. Although global warming is irreversible, the community should be educated on how their efforts can be valuable for reducing the negative effects of this phenomenon.
  2. Analytical (you do not have enough competence to take a particular stance, but you can analyze and synthesize the opinions of others). E.g. While a number of the world’s greatest poems and plays are traditionally attributed to William Shakespeare, under the influence of anti-Stratfordianism, the movement disputing Shakespeare’s authorship, Walt Whitman, Sigmund Freud and Mark Twain denied the relation between the historical Shakespeare and the works attributed to his name.


A thesis statement for research paper projects: Step 3

The third step to writing an effective thesis statement for research paper projects is to choose appropriate constructions and use them to finally formulate it. Here are some valuable phrases and hints:


  • This paper will examine (discuss, argue, explore etc.)…
  • State that one aspect contributes to another one, explaining how you are going to prove it.
  • State that certain concepts or phenomena can be explained through the impact of other concepts or phenomena.
  • State that certain issues or theories can have different interpretations.


A thesis statement for research paper projects: Step 4

If you still doubt whether you wrote an effective thesis statement, you can use these criteria to test it:

  1. ”So what” question. Will your readers say “so what” after they read your thesis statement? If they are likely to say that, you need to stress more in your thesis statement the importance of your research project.
  2. Captain Obvious test. Ask yourself whether your position is not obvious and whether others may want to challenge it.
  3. How and why test. Does your thesis statement briefly explain how you have arrived to your specific conclusions?

By the way, you should not be afraid of writing “working” thesis statements for research papers that might be later revised and changed if necessary. So, you are welcome to follow these 4 easy steps and make your thesis statements the strong point of your research papers.

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