Coursework Assessment Criteria

coursework assessmentCoursework assessment in Great Britain is made in accordance with different levels of academic average: A, B, C, D, E and F. The highest grade is “A” and it shows that a student has presented an advanced level of preparation in his or her work done.
Hardly there is a student who would not like to get “As” only. Although…Is it possible? Of course, it is.! You just need to know the main coursework assessment criteria and apply efforts to satisfy its requirements.
So, what are the main coursework assessments criteria? Let us dwell upon them:

  • Coursework assessment criteria #1. While assessing your coursework, the professor will certainly pay attention to the purposes of your research formulated and its thesis statement (research question). This coursework assessment criteria requires the clarity of the objectives of your research and whether it is real to achieve them;
  • Coursework assessment criteria #2. This coursework assessment criterion is responsible for checking the applicability of the methods of research chosen. So, if you took this task carelessly, do not hope to get the highest grade;
  • Coursework assessment criteria #3. This coursework assessment criterion is responsible for the following: whether you topic is covered completely and in details. No doubts, every topic should be covered fully. If it is not, a paper is senseless;

  • Coursework assessment criteria #4. General organization of your coursework is the object under consideration for the 4th coursework assessment criterion. So, try your best to format your coursework properly if you want to get a high grade on it;
  • Coursework assessment criteria #5. According to it, your coursework will be assessed by your success/failure in analyzing and drawing corresponding conclusions (when working with the coursework sources).

Take this information into consideration and you will certainly get the highest grade on your courseworks.

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