Descriptive Essays: Tips on Creating an Effective Introduction

February 1st, 2012

There is a world of difference between the introduction utilized in a descriptive college essay with that of an argumentative or cause and effect essay due to the fact that this type of essay is not trying to argue a particular per se nor is it trying to show the effect of a particular occurrence rather just as its name sake implies this essay describes a particular place, event, thing or situation.
The 1st Paragraph of your Descriptive Essay: Creating a Summary
The first paragraph of descriptive essays is actually the most important part of the paper since it acts as a summary of the entire paper’s contents. In this section of your essay the writer must present the topic that is being pursued, what makes it interesting and why readers should read the rest of the essay.
It must be noted though that writers should avoid the temptation of adding too many supporting details in this section of descriptive college essays since the first paragraph should act as a summary and flow toward the body of the paper and no detract from the body’s overall substance.
The 2nd Paragraph of your Descriptive Essay: Utilizing Quantitative or Qualitative Data
In the second paragraph of the introduction the writer must utilized the who, what, when, where and how approach in providing even more details to the reader. In this section of your essay readers are given either quantitative or qualitative data sets which are used in order to support the summary given in the first paragraph. This section helps to set the factual tone of descriptive essays and gives readers a few more details about what makes the essay topic interesting.
The 3rd Paragraph of your Descriptive Essay: Explaining the Process of the Paper

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Literature Reports: Instructions for Writing a Good One

January 5th, 2012

Literature report is a great possibility to present your personal point of view on a particular literary work to the audience. Literature report provides you with a great variety of ideas. You can discuss the main character of the book, the style of the author or the conflict evoked in the story.
The distinctive feature of the literature report is that your critics should be “fresh” and original, however, at the same time, it should be supported with the body of evidences from other literature sources such as reviews, critical articles or extracts from the book you are writing about.
The most important things about your literature report are enumerated in the following instructions:

  1. Of course, you should start your literature report with the introduction. What is the most important part of the introduction? Of course, a thesis statement. What kind of statement should you write for a literature report? Writing a thesis for a literature report you should remember to be critical and debatable. And do not forget to put it at the end of the introduction.
  2. One more important thing about the literature reports writing lies in the fact that it should be based on your personal ideas and not on the critical approach of other authors.
  3. Support your thesis statement with the body of evidences and relevant quotations. The evidences should prove your arguments and critics.
  4. Writing a literature report, follow the citation guidance that your tutor provides for you. In the most cases, the literature report should be organized according to the MLA style standards, which are used for literature writing.

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Extended Essay: How to Increase Your Chances for Success

December 7th, 2011

Extended essay writing is one of the standard tasks on an International Baccalaureate Diploma course. If you are taking the latter, then it is inevitable that you will need to write an extended essay. Our article will provide you with essential information on extended essay and the ways to cope with it successfully.
Extended Essay: What Is It?
As we have already mentioned, an extended essay is a mandatory task within an IB course. As such, an extended essay can be compared to a research paper since it presupposes your independent research on a topic of interest to you. The maximum size of an extended essay should be kept to four thousand words. It is not advisable to make an extended essay shorter than 3500 words, since otherwise the topic may be researched not enough. However, if your subject is mathematics, two thousand words may be sufficient.
Extended Essay: What Is Expected from You?
Since extended essay presupposes conducting an independent research on a topic, you are expected to demonstrate the following abilities in your extended essay:

  1. formulate a relevant research question;
  2. develop a personal research pattern;
  3. expound the research ideas;
  4. develop and support appropriate arguments.

Extended Essay: How to Succeed in Writing It?
There are some simple steps to observe when preparing your extended essay:

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Expository Essay Writing: Understanding the Matter of Complexity

November 30th, 2011

Each time you write a certain kind of essay, you try to find some specific approach in writing. When writing an expository essay, a student should also understand its peculiarities. One of these peculiarities is expository essay writing complexity. This article will help you to understand how complicated your expository essay should be.
Expository Essay Writing Essence
The essence of expository essay writing can be outlined by means of the following formula: “no personal opinion, just facts”. Expository essay writing implies that you choose a subject and introduce it to the reader.
When writing an expository essay, you can do the following things:

  • describe
  • compare and contrast
  • analyze
  • explain

At the same time, you can NOT do the following things:

  • interpret
  • express opinions
  • demonstrate attitude
  • develop

Expository Essay Writing Complexity
You can make your expository essay writing either simple or advanced. To understand the level of complexity needed, imagine whom you address with your expository essay writing and evaluate a potential reader’s knowledge in your field.
There are several points to consider about complexity when working on your expository essay writing: language, minuteness of explanation, terms, the volume of background etc.

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Essay on Fast Food: Do You Like Hamburgers and Hotdogs?

November 9th, 2011

It is natural for people to eat because they need energy for normal maintenance of their organisms. Some people want to eat more without putting on weight, whereas others are capable of eating as much as they want without growing stout.
An essay on fast food is an appropriate academic paper to discuss all issues relevant to fast food and national eating habits with regard to health problems.

  • The relevance of fast food to the national cuisine of the global cultures can be analyzed in an essay on fast food. If you do not know about the eating habits of representative of other world cultures, you can discuss the national eating habits and popularity of fast food in your country in your essay on fast food.
  • The health care issues and fast food are antonymic issues that can be discussed in your essay on fast food. As this topic of an essay on fast food is a disputable one, you can support any position and present your arguments for or against fast food and its impact on human health.
  • Fast food restaurants and the most common dishes that can be considered fast food can be analyzed in an essay on fast food. What are national fast food meals? Are fast food meals common for all nations? These questions can be raised while writing an essay on fast food.
  • Why stout people are regarded as the fast food lovers? What are main problems that happen because of fast food eating? Is there some healthy fast food? You can critically assess the fast food lovers in your essay on fast food.

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English Report Writing: What Should Be Definitely Included?

November 2nd, 2011

The difficulty of literature is not to write, but to write what you mean.
Robert Louis Stevenson

Well, English report writing presupposes that students should consider what is written in the book and what is meant. What is English report writing? In such reports students should consider some literary work. Do you need tips for successful English report writing?

  1. To write an English report successfully, you must read the book. Besides, while reading the book make notes: write down your ideas and some quotes which can support your ideas.
  2. Of course, you will need to summarize the content of the book. It is very important to remember that the major aim of your English report writing is revealing your analysis, not bare retelling, so your summary should not become the major part of your report.
  3. As a rule you while English report writing you will have to refer to other sources while analyzing the book. Do not forget to format your references properly.
  4. You will definitely need to analyze the main characters of the book. So, do pay attention to them while reading the book. Of course, while English report writing you will need to analyze the idea of the book. Here you should be quite careful. Do not confuse analysis and your point of view. You will have space to reveal your opinion on the book in conclusion part.

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Essay Courses: Excellent and Effective Help for Students

October 25th, 2011

Essay writing can be exigent for some students that are deficient of necessary skills. Such students should look out for some way to build their essay writing skills. There are many ways through which students can cultivate essay writing talent. Essay courses are one of the most effective help for students to grow their essay writing skills.
A student who prefers to build his/her essay writing skill can consider some essay courses that are available from reliable companies. This article provides useful information regarding essay courses.
Essay courses: How useful are they?
An effective essay course will help students in the following manner:

  • Provides students with necessary confidence to start their essay assignment.
  • Provides proper methodological training for students to write effective essays.
  • Enables students to write essays more quickly.
  • Enables students to write essays that can fetch more marks.

Essay courses: When they are perfect?
Essay courses are perfect when they:

  1. Explain essay writing procedure, organization details and formatting details clearly.
  2. Discuss some right words that can be used in essays.
  3. Reveal the tools necessary for writing effective essays.
  4. Provide tips for writing outstanding essays.
  5. Provide tips on how to organize thoughts and ideas.

Essay courses build the required confidence and energy to start essay assignment. Moreover, they help in writing effective and great essays more quickly when compared to writing essays without attending such courses. This article gives useful details related to essay courses.
When students decide to attend a course for improving their essay writing ability, they must ensure to choose a reliable company. They must also ensure that the course includes all necessary syllabuses.

Essay about Food: Delicious and Informative Topics for You

October 19th, 2011

Spanish proverb says: “The belly rules the mind”. In fact, this can be quite true since food plays a significant role in peoples’ lives. For instance, food is so important that students have to write numerous essays about food.
However, sometimes it is quite difficult to choose a topic for such essays because it seems too easy and too casual to write about it. Do you need some hints and ideas for your essay about food?

  1. History in your essay about food. In your essay about food you can consider the gastronomic preferences of different epochs? What was the favorite food of ancient people? What did people eat in the 18th century? Did the food and eating habits change?
  2. Research methods. It can be interesting to devote your essay about food to depiction of various techniques which can help to find out what food was consumed by previous generations. These are historical manuscripts and, of course, literary works: writers like revealing their meals in their works.
  3. Luxury or necessity? In your essay about food you can also consider whether food can be regarded as luxury? How many people eat caviar and drink vintage wines?
  4. Diversity. You can devote your essay about food to considering various habits of people from all over the world. Why do Chinese people eat rice and fish, and Italian people eat macaroni? What about the fact that milk is not appropriate for human digestion? Consider it in your essay about food.

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Diet Essay: Turn Your Writing into Helpful and Catching Story

September 8th, 2011

Diet essay is a tricky task for students. You may think of brief tips that could help you in writing successful essay on diet – however, you are bored with too much time-consuming information in internet, don’t you? Have you spent lots of spare time for searching short guidelines how to write such an essay?
Are you still in search? Stop, you do not have to spend you precious time any more! This article is just what you need – brief, useful and important information for successful writing of a diet essay.
Brief tips to ease your writing on dieat
In order to write a good diet essay, you need to have:

  1. Good catching topic – your reader should not be dull while reading your diet essay.
  2. Strong arguments – in your diet essay, you should present the arguments confirming your idea and make the reader support your point of view by means of these arguments.
  3. Profound research – you have to research the chosen topic in-depth so that you seemed to be an expert on diet. Thus it will be not only interesting but also helpful to read your diet essay.
  4. Consistent structure – begin with the captivating introduction and keep the generally accepted structure of essay.
  5. Careful proofreading – do not forget to spend some time for checking your diet essay. Remember about correct grammar and punctuation. You have to do your best to avoid any mistakes and typos.

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Diet Essays: Must-Know Tips to Make Them Strong and Great

August 25th, 2011

Diet essays are essay papers regarding issues and aspects of diet and nutrition. Any human needs perfect diet to maintain the health of his/her body. As health issues are very much important in any person’s life, writing about diet and its importance is of significance.
With an aim to write excellent diet essays, students must try to become familiar with certain essential tips. Any student that has right level of essay writing skill can excel in making wonderful essays. A diet essay can be winning and stunning if written with perfection. Students can glance through some related sample essays if they have an intention to write effective essays.
Diet essays: Great ideas and tips
Students can consider the following tips and ideas for writing effective diet essays:

  1. Thorough discussion with tutor or professor will help a lot while doing such essays.
  2. The choice of topic for the essay must be given prior importance. The topic can be about the importance of diet, nutrition and health; or about particular diet habit like Atkins diet or alkaline acid diet.
  3. Students must gather ample details related to the chosen topic.
  4. Students must prepare an effectual sketch for the essay.
  5. Students must follow all requirements strictly while writing the essay.

Diet essays: Ways to make it effective
Students can write effective diet essays when they consider the following suggestions:

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