MLA Format Research Paper: Overview of Rules and Common Mistakes

January 28th, 2011

Writing research papers in specific formats is largely explained by the objective of maintaining standards. Such standards imply that all papers written on specific subjects will follow the same rules. In that regard, an MLA format research paper is a paper that follows all rules and conventions of Modern Language Association (MLA).
The rules of MLA format research paper are not only concerned with formatting requirements, but also with the citation style that should be followed throughout the paper. The citation style can be seen as the more difficult of the two aspects in MLA format research paper, although formatting can be frustrating as well. The latter is specifically difficult when changing the format for different styles in different papers. This article will attempt to explain the most common rules regarding MLA format research paper.
The Format
General rules in writing MLA format research paper include the following points:

  1. One inch margin from all the sides of the paper.
  2. Double spaced throughout.
  3. 12 point common font such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  4. No title page, unless specifically requested by the instructor.

Common Mistakes in MLA Format Research Papers
There are several mistakes that students tend to make writing MLA format research papers. The list of such mistakes might include:

  • Typing the title in all caps.
  • Typing the title in bold type.
  • Underlining the title.
  • Using fancy fonts.
  • Indenting paragraphs using space bar.

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Middle School Research Paper: How to Write it?

November 5th, 2010

Need Help with Choosing a Topic for Your Research Paper?
Writing a middle school research paper is one of the most initial steps to research writing. When writing it, you should be aware that the research paper is longer and much more comprehensively written than an essay. An essay is a shorter piece of work as compared to a research paper which is longer and more detailed.
In order to write an interesting middle school research paper you need to look for a good topic. The following steps will help you in establishing an interesting topic for your middle school research paper:

  • Think of the subjects which interest you and you enjoy reading and studying.
  • The topic of your middle school research paper should be based on a subject you do not find boring or else your paper will seem like a burden to you.
  • You may want to read some research paper samples to help you choose an ideal topic for your research paper.
  • If there is any one particular subject that interests you, you could use your middle school research paper to try and find about aspects of the subject which you are keen on finding and researching. This will make your research paper an opportunity for you to gain new knowledge and information about the subject and topic of your choice.
  • Once you have decided the subject of your middle school research paper and have a fair idea of the main topic, you can narrow it down and make it more specific. For example, if you have chosen to write your middle school research paper on ‘animal loyalty’, you could narrow it down to write on ‘dogs as the most faithful and loyal animals’.
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Macbeth Research Papers: Free Ideas

February 28th, 2010

research papers on MacbethThere is no secret that research papers on Macbeth are rather frequently assigned. And even less surprising would be the thesis that common topics usually have two edges. On the one hand, we have a thoroughly researched and discussed topic. Believe us, there is no problem in finding any kind of information for Macbeth research papers. The problem is what to search for. And here is the other side of the problem. What else can you say that is not already said?
In this article, we will try to answer this question.
Research papers on Macbeth: historical origins
It seems that discussing the psychological, dramatic and literary aspects of Shakespeare’s works is so common and banal. Thus, we will have to find another suitable research field. What about the origins of the displayed events? After all, the mixture of history and literature is not a bad choice. And you can combine the best sides of both in your Macbeth research paper.
Some scholars think that Macbeth is based on real events that unfolded at the court of Mary of Scotland. You can agree or you may disagree, but a discussion of this will be interesting to present in your Macbeth research paper.
Research papers on Macbeth: dramatic origins
Another good topic for your Macbeth research paper is the origins of the Shakespeare’s play. It is well known that the Bard was a professional compiler who explored the topics of his predecessors. Thus, you may try to track down the tragic story of Macbeth by means of analyzing the dramatic tradition of Antiquity. Comparison and classification of dramatic techniques and plot-devices used by the Bard will make your research paper on Macbeth interesting to read.

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Buy a Research Paper but Do not Buy Your Knowledge!

October 23rd, 2009

research paper buyIf you are tired of constant writing and working on your Economics research paper or Literature research paper, lend us your ears for a while!
“Research paper writing” is a shibboleth! Today every student knows how to avoid this work, and enjoy studentship!
All this is about research paper buying! If you have enough money, you have all chances to buy a research paper, like many students do!
Surely, if you go shopping, you will not find a fresh research paper in the display window! In order to buy a research paper, you need to make certain efforts to achieve the desirable result!
Do not think it is a hard task to complete! Research paper buying is not the same as writing! You should not conduct boring researches, spend nights on writing new paragraphs and look out the window how your friends leave for partying!
Many tutors and some students think that those who buy a research paper try to buy knowledge. Is it really so?
Well, ask those people whether they ever manicured at beauty centres? They paid money for this service; still, they could easily do it by themselves! So, why cannot you buy a research paper, pay for this kind of service and not be scarified?!

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Academic Research Papers: Tips for Writing

December 11th, 2008

academic research paperDo you have to prepare an academic research paper for the first time? Do you not know what to start with? We know what you mean and we are eager to help you. In this article, you will find several reliable tips for writing academic research papers.

  1. Pick the most interesting topic
  2. Hardly will you stay motivated throughout the writing process if the topic you choose is not interesting to you. Besides, you will double your chances to succeed in completing the academic research paper if you are devoted to the topic under consideration.

  3. Gather material
  4. Do you know the main principle of choosing the sources for academic research papers? They should be up-to-date. An academic research paper implies that a student will make a finding in the research area he/she deals with. Do you think it is possible to make a finding using the sources published 20 years ago?

  5. Formulate your thesis statement
  6. After you look through the sources found, you will get a certain opinion on the topic under consideration. To make a thesis statement means to formulate this opinion clearly and precisely.

  7. Make an academic research proposal
  8. An academic research proposal is a compulsory piece of paper that you need to prepare before conducting research. To write an academic research proposal means to explain what you want to investigate and how you are going to do it. Actually, you should convince the committee that you are ready to conduct your investigation. If you need more information to create a good academic research proposal, use our tips for writing a Business research proposal.

  9. Conduct research
  10. After your academic research proposal is approved, you are ready to do research. So, carry out the necessary experiments, interview people, or analyze experts’ viewpoints.

  11. Compose the parts of your research paper

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Making an A+ Research Paper

December 9th, 2008

making a research paperDo you want to strike your tutor by an original research paper? Do you want to single out among others? Do you want to find out the secrets of making an A+ research paper? Then, consider the tips presented in this article.

  • Make your thesis statement catchy
  • A thesis statement can be called a trademark of a project. If you make it catchy, you have all chances to impress your tutor. So, mind it when making the research paper.

  • Make your introduction attention-grabbing
  • The vast majority of students use standard methods of making a research paper introduction. If you want to stand out, include a couple of impressive quotations or aphorisms while making the research paper. Still, these quotations or set-phrases should be relevant to the subject under consideration; otherwise, your attempt will be a failure.

  • Use up-to-date sources
  • While making a research paper, you have to reveal your research abilities. There are many ways to show them. Still, using some extra-new and up-to-date sources will enhance your chances to succeed. So, do not stick to out-to-date books on theory. Instead, just keep track of the recent events in science – findings, discoveries, new approaches, etc.

  • Use figures
  • Figures indicate that you have read some information and synthesized it. That is why we strongly recommend you use figures for making a research paper. However, it is not enough just to include some pictures, graphs, or tables into your paper. You will have to explain what each of the figures means.

Free Research Paper Topic Ideas

November 21st, 2008

research paper topicChoosing a topic is probably one of the most difficult steps a student needs to take at the beginning of the writing process.
A tutor may provide you with the guidelines for writing a research paper. Using them is actually the most reliable way to complete an assignment. He\she can also present a list of possible topics for research papers. It is up to you whether to choose from this list or make up your own topic.
A good research paper topic is the one you are interested in. A good research paper topic is the one you understand and would like to investigate.
So, let us provide several good research paper topic ideas on different subjects.
Topics for a research paper in Sociology

  • Sociology of Sleep: Its Roots and Essence;
  • Conflicts in Poverty and Welfare: Their Sociological Explanations;
  • Causes of Child Maltreatment in Families.

Topics for a research paper in Geography

  • Famous Oases in Egypt: Their Location and Significance;
  • Tornadoes: Characteristics and Classifications;
  • Powerful Currents in the Atlantic Ocean.

Topics for a research paper in Psychology

  • Possible Psychological Traumas after Abortion;
  • David Myers and Malcolm Jeeves and Their “Psychology Through the Eyes of Faith”;
  • Use of Computers in the Sphere of Psychology.

Topics for a research paper in Medicine

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Computer Science Research Papers

November 19th, 2008

computer research paperToday we can hardly imagine our life without computers. We have an opportunity to communicate with people being far away from each other, make computations on different levels, and, after all, entertain any time!
Probably, the vast majority of people have their first “serious” date with computers while taking Computer Science class. They study all details to become advanced computer users. At the end of this course, students present Computer Science research papers.
So, you have to start working on your computer research paper, and you probably need several reliable hints. We are glad to provide such Computer Science research papers tips right now.
The first thing you need to start your work on Computer Science research papers is a couple of ideas. Study the ideas for Computer Science research papers developed by our sophisticated writers.
Revolution in Business and Personal Computers
Admit that plenty of innovations within the business sphere are made by means of using computer technologies. What are they? Give the answer to this question in your research paper in Computer Science. You should also pay attention to the major components of computers: hardware and software.
Computer Ethics in Today’s World
You cannot be an advanced computer user until you know all the computer ethical aspects. Your research paper in Computer Science is a good chance to learn more about such issues. Describe the Internet policies, how they really work, etc…
Computers and Mass Communication
Examine how computers influence mass communication. Investigate its origins, implications, history, etc. Share your predictions as to its possible development in Computer Science research papers.

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Medical Research Papers: What to Write about

October 17th, 2008

medical research papersMedical research papers are interesting to accomplish if they aim to investigate interesting topics. If your tutor specified a topic for your medical research paper, you might have some problems (if the topic is too complicated, boring, etc.). If you are free to choose any medical research paper topic you like, welcome to our writing blog!
This article presents the most innovative topics for medical research papers. They will help you make your medical research paper striking and impressive.

  1. Hypnosis and Its Peculiarities
    The vast majority of Medical Associations call hypnosis “a contemporary condition of altered attention”. So, a lot was already said about hypnosis, and still, so many facts stay untouched. Thus, hypnosis can be rather an interesting and debatable topic for medical research papers.
  2. Ways of Performing Abortions
    Writing medical research papers on the ways of performing abortions requires the following issues to be highlighted:
    • general information on abortions;
    • medicine used for performing abortion (drugs);
    • side effects of drugs;
    • surgical way of performing abortion;
    • influence of abortion on the female body.

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What You Should Know about a Research Paper Database

October 14th, 2008

research paper databaseIs it hard for you to make a research paper from nothing? Probably, you need some examples to make your own project by analogy. This is rather a good idea, but…where can you find a good research paper example? Of course, in a research paper database! So, are you ready to talk about research paper databases now? Then let us get started!
What is a research paper database?
A research paper database is a collection of research paper samples written either by students or by professional writers.
What does a research paper database serve for?
A research paper database can help students get the general idea of how a research paper should look like. Every student can also find captivating topics for a research paper with the help of research paper databases.
Where can you find a research paper database?
There are 2 possible places where you can find a research paper database: online and your university library.
Online research paper databases can be either free or charged. How can you benefit from a free research paper database? Well, you may find more literature sources, see how a good research paper should be formatted, get some fresh topics for a research paper, etc.

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