How to Do a Book Report: Writing an A Paper with Great Ease

how-to-do-a-book-reportFor some reasons, many students dislike writing book reports. In their opinion, such papers are too monotonous and time-consuming to write. Yet, they forget that the main purpose of such assignments is to develop the analytical and critical skills of a person. This article will show how to do a good book report with ease.
How to Do a Book Report: Getting Started
Writing a book report is not a very difficult task, if a person knows how to read and analyze literary works. There are several issues and questions that you need to keep in mind while reading a book. Take a look at some of them:

  1. The genre of the book. What are the most distinctive features of this genre?
  2. The setting. Where and when does the action take place?
  3. Themes. What is the main idea or ideas that the author advocates?
  4. Title of the book. Suppose that you have never read the book, what does it title suggest? How did your understanding of this title change while reading this book?
  5. Characters’ names. Is there any particular meaning to the character’s names? Did the writer have a specific purpose in choosing those names?

How to Do a Book Report: Writing Your Paper
People who don’t know how to do a book report often don’t know how to structure this paper. Moreover, in some cases, they cannot put forward very convincing arguments. So, here are some tips that will help you to have a good structure and convincing arguments:


  • In the opening paragraph, you should name both the author and the book. Additionally, you should briefly discuss the genre of this work. Finally, state the main idea of the author.
  • Describe the most essential elements of the plot. You may briefly summarize the book, but remember that summary is not the main purpose of a book report.
  • Discuss the main characters of the book. Which one is the most memorable and why? You should also tell how these characters help the writer express the main ideas.
  • Discuss the themes of the book. You need to focus on those ideas or questions that the author emphasizes.
  • Make a brief assessment of this book. In particular, you need to explain why you like or dislike it. At this point, you also need to identify the strong and weak points of the book.

How to Do a Book Report: Concluding Remarks
If you follow these steps, you’ll see that writing a report is not a very difficult task. You should view this assignment as a good chance to demonstrate your analytical and critical skills. Hopefully, you’ll manage to write an excellent book report.

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