Descriptive Essays: Tips on Creating an Effective Introduction

There is a world of difference between the introduction utilized in a descriptive college essay with that of an argumentative or cause and effect essay due to the fact that this type of essay is not trying to argue a particular per se nor is it trying to show the effect of a particular occurrence rather just as its name sake implies this essay describes a particular place, event, thing or situation.
The 1st Paragraph of your Descriptive Essay: Creating a Summary
The first paragraph of descriptive essays is actually the most important part of the paper since it acts as a summary of the entire paper’s contents. In this section of your essay the writer must present the topic that is being pursued, what makes it interesting and why readers should read the rest of the essay.
It must be noted though that writers should avoid the temptation of adding too many supporting details in this section of descriptive college essays since the first paragraph should act as a summary and flow toward the body of the paper and no detract from the body’s overall substance.
The 2nd Paragraph of your Descriptive Essay: Utilizing Quantitative or Qualitative Data
In the second paragraph of the introduction the writer must utilized the who, what, when, where and how approach in providing even more details to the reader. In this section of your essay readers are given either quantitative or qualitative data sets which are used in order to support the summary given in the first paragraph. This section helps to set the factual tone of descriptive essays and gives readers a few more details about what makes the essay topic interesting.
The 3rd Paragraph of your Descriptive Essay: Explaining the Process of the Paper
The third and last paragraph of your essay should concentrate on exploring the means in which the writer will proceed in explaining the chosen topic. The writer has a choice of either being more quantitative or qualitative in their choice of formats for the body of descriptive essays and as such these choices should be evident in the third section since it enables readers to be prepared for the method of data presentation.
Furthermore, this section should also contain thesis statement which must properly explain the overall theme that will guide the body of the paper.

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