Literature Reports: Instructions for Writing a Good One

Literature report is a great possibility to present your personal point of view on a particular literary work to the audience. Literature report provides you with a great variety of ideas. You can discuss the main character of the book, the style of the author or the conflict evoked in the story.
The distinctive feature of the literature report is that your critics should be “fresh” and original, however, at the same time, it should be supported with the body of evidences from other literature sources such as reviews, critical articles or extracts from the book you are writing about.
The most important things about your literature report are enumerated in the following instructions:

  1. Of course, you should start your literature report with the introduction. What is the most important part of the introduction? Of course, a thesis statement. What kind of statement should you write for a literature report? Writing a thesis for a literature report you should remember to be critical and debatable. And do not forget to put it at the end of the introduction.
  2. One more important thing about the literature reports writing lies in the fact that it should be based on your personal ideas and not on the critical approach of other authors.
  3. Support your thesis statement with the body of evidences and relevant quotations. The evidences should prove your arguments and critics.
  4. Writing a literature report, follow the citation guidance that your tutor provides for you. In the most cases, the literature report should be organized according to the MLA style standards, which are used for literature writing.

Few words about grammar and formatting. Write your literature report in the present tense and in the third person. Moreover, do not forget to italicize books, films and plays used in the literature report. In addition, use the rules of the formal grammar and follow the appropriate style.

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