Example Term Papers: Distinction between Valid and Invalid Ones

The internet is full of different example term papers. Students should be wise and do not pick up any example term paper as there is a lot of information online which is considered to be incredible and harmful for students.
This article is created with the purpose to make students understand which example term papers should be used and which should be avoided. A specific criteria are going to be listed to give students an opportunity personally evaluate example term papers and decide whether they should use those or more credible sources should be searched for.
Criteria for distinction between valid and invalid example term papers

  1. Students should check the example term paper structure. The introduction, the main body and the conclusion should be properly separated.
  2. Students should check whether an example term paper contains a strong thesis statement or not.
  3. The transition between paragraphs should be smooth and logical.
  4. If students look at a literature review of an example term paper chosen for consideration, they will understand the depth of knowledge the writer had when was writing this paper.
  5. A perfectly created example term paper should contain a reference list with sources organized in alphabetical order. It is also important to check the relevance of the citation style there.
  6. An example term paper should not contain any grammatical and spelling mistakes. If one notices some of them, it is better not to use this paper as the sample for writing.

Furthermore, students should be aware of the fact that when they use examples, they are forbidden to copy any information from there as it may be considered as plagiarism.

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