Essay about Food: Delicious and Informative Topics for You

Spanish proverb says: “The belly rules the mind”. In fact, this can be quite true since food plays a significant role in peoples’ lives. For instance, food is so important that students have to write numerous essays about food.
However, sometimes it is quite difficult to choose a topic for such essays because it seems too easy and too casual to write about it. Do you need some hints and ideas for your essay about food?

  1. History in your essay about food. In your essay about food you can consider the gastronomic preferences of different epochs? What was the favorite food of ancient people? What did people eat in the 18th century? Did the food and eating habits change?
  2. Research methods. It can be interesting to devote your essay about food to depiction of various techniques which can help to find out what food was consumed by previous generations. These are historical manuscripts and, of course, literary works: writers like revealing their meals in their works.
  3. Luxury or necessity? In your essay about food you can also consider whether food can be regarded as luxury? How many people eat caviar and drink vintage wines?
  4. Diversity. You can devote your essay about food to considering various habits of people from all over the world. Why do Chinese people eat rice and fish, and Italian people eat macaroni? What about the fact that milk is not appropriate for human digestion? Consider it in your essay about food.

Contemplation. Of course, in your essay about food you may reveal your own thoughts about food. Perhaps, you think it is a very important or even essential part of human life. What is food for you?

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