Dissertation Prospectus: A Difficult Name of a Difficult Task

What is a dissertation prospectus? Dissertation prospectus is a paper which you submit to obtain a dissertation fellowship.
In this paper you should prove that your research is important enough to spend a certain amount of money and that you can handle implementation of this research. Well, as easy as that! How can you write your dissertation prospectus?

  1. First of all, you should find out all the necessary data concerning submission requirements (word count, deadlines, format requirements, etc.).
  2. Of course, before you start writing your dissertation prospectus, you should think over all details: the outline of your dissertation, the research itself, and so on.
  3. Besides, before you get down to your dissertation prospectus, you may need to know the commonly accepted structure of such kind of papers.

So, the major parts (which should definitely be in every dissertation prospectus) are:
Introduction. Here you should provide some information on the relevance of your research. Of course, it is the right place for your thesis statement. Make sure that it is precise.
Literature review. The next part of your dissertation prospectus which is often referred to as literature review deals with the background knowledge on the topic. In fact, here you reveal the depth of your knowledge. Well, here you will also single out your primary sources. Of course, they should be relevant enough.
Methodology. This part of your dissertation prospectus should be devoted to the methods you are going to use to implement your research. You should prove that those methods are the best for such kind of research.
Research plan. Of course, in your dissertation prospectus you will outline your research. You should depict the stages of your research. It will be useful to mention the period of time you are going to devote to each part of your research.
Chapter outline. Finally, in your dissertation prospectus you should point out the major parts of your dissertation. Bibliography. Of course, in the end of your dissertation prospectus you should place your bibliography.

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