Drama Dissertations: Start Your Creative Academic Writing

Drama is a very creative type of writing, and it makes drama dissertations writing creative as well. Some students focus on analyzing different dramas styles or their authors’ lives, but it is an absolutely optional topic. You can research such aspects of drama as business or technology.
Architecture and technology in drama dissertations. In drama dissertations students can consider different ways of using technology for performances. Compare different appliances used during performances in your drama dissertation. You can consider whether theatre needs the technology, or it should leave it to cinematography.
It is also possible to suggest new types of architecture for theatres in your drama dissertation. Maybe, the best theatre for a drama is an ancient amphitheatre? Research the possibility to use high technology in drama.
Management. Your drama dissertations may focus on different techniques to improve drama profitability, so to say. For instance, you may consider how to increase tickets selling. Maybe, your drama dissertation will suggest different campaigns and actions which will make people buy the tickets. Decide whether it is possible to increase the number of services offered by theatre (tickets delivery, etc.)? Will it be profitable to build a theatrical theatre? In your drama dissertations you may even suggest a business plan for making some theatres more profitable.
Performance. Are you satisfied with the way actors perform? In your drama dissertation you can consider the ways to improve the performance. Is it necessary to create new drama schools? Perhaps, actors/actresses are paid too low or too high wages? Define what country has the most gifted actors/actresses and suggest some joint campaigns aimed at improving your country/city theatre performances.

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