Critic Essay: Learn These Hints before You Start Writing

A critic essay is a perfect opportunity for you to test your critical thinking skills and to share your opinion on a certain subject with a reader. Do you need to write a critic essay? Let’s discuss what critic essay writing implies and how to cope with it.
Critic Essay: The Essence
A critic essay is aimed at providing a critical review of a chosen subject. Critic essays can be devoted to:

  1. A book, an article, an essay
  2. A movie or a video
  3. A work of art
  4. A play
  5. A musical work etc

Critic Essay: Organization
Your critic essay should contain:

  • A summary of a subject
  • Your evaluation of a subject

Thus, your reader will know what you talk about and what you think about it. To cope with this task, you can organize your critic essay as follows:

  1. Provide an interesting beginning
  2. Introduce a subject to a reader
  3. Provide your thesis statement
  4. Evaluate a subject considering an essay topic and a thesis statement
  5. Summarize your arguments, make conclusions and re-state a thesis statement
  6. Finish brightly

Critic Essay: Writing Tips

  1. To write a critic essay does not mean to be critical. Your task is not to criticize, but to evaluate.
  2. Allude to a subject of your critic essay all the time. To be persuasive, you need to support your ideas with quotations and references.
  3. Do not limit your focus to “matters”: “manners” also matter. Remember that in works of literature, music or art content is not the only issue to discuss. Devices that an author uses are not less important: they help an author to express his/her ideas. In your critic essay, analyze not only “what”, but also “how”.
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