500 Word Essay on Respect: Some Useful Hints for Writing

Most students got used to the fact that they are asked to write 500 word essays. It may be difficult to find a topic that could be easily considered within 500 words. This article is created especially for those students who have problems with identifying necessary topics for their essays. Taking 500 word essay on respect as an example, we are going to cast light on some interesting ideas for students to discuss in their papers.
Ideas for discussion in 500 word essay on respect

  • A 500 word essay on respect may highlight the main idea about what respect is. The notion may be considered from different angles with examples.
  • Students may devote their 500 word essay on respect to elderly people and highlight the reasons which show why those should be greatly respected.
  • Modern adolescents are considered to be rude and ungrateful. Why does elder generation think so? Students’ task may be to point out ten reasons why they are mistaken in a 500 word essay on respect.
  • Students may take a quote and dwell upon it in 500 word essay on respect. For example, Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Go up close to your friend, but do not go over to him! We should also respect the enemy in our friend”.

It is a must to remember that 500 word essay on respect is a small one. Students should not provide vague information and turn to the very discussion after a couple of introducing sentences. A 500 word essay on respect is usually given for students to get the main idea of the issue. Furthermore, teachers want to know what is the most important for students in a subject matter. Good luck with 500 word essay on respect!

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