Academic Research Paper: Developing a Good Research Idea

Academic research paper writing always begins with choosing a topic. Or, it will be more precise if we say, developing a topic, as you will hardly have a list to choose, but you will have to generate an academic research paper idea on your own. In this article, we discuss what criteria a good academic research paper topic should meet.
It is often said that an academic research paper topic should be “interesting”. Sounds great, but not too specific. Let us go a bit further and specify this issue. There are 4Is that you should embrace when developing an idea for your academic research paper:

  1. Interesting for you. It is all simple: when you like what you work on, you work better and get better results. Evaluate your background and choose a subject which you know much about. This will be a good subject for your academic research paper.
  2. Interesting for your teacher. Try to amaze your teacher with an interesting approach to academic research paper writing. Choose an interesting dimension for your research. On the one hand, your academic research paper should be relevant to what your teacher has explained. On the other hand, you should do your own investigation and expand your notion about a subject of your academic research paper.
  3. Interesting for a potential reader. Imagine that you are a reader of your academic research paper. Will your work be interesting and helpful for those who have an opportunity to read it? Orientation on a reader in writing is a very helpful habit, try to develop it while you are studying, and it will help you in your professional life.
  4. Interesting for scholarship. Since you are a student involved into academic writing, you can be considered a scholar.

On the other hand, the aim of any academic writing is not only demonstration of your research and writing skills and getting a grade, but, first of all, contributing to scholarship. Evaluate whether your academic research paper topic is important and worth working on.

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