History Research Papers: Peculiarities and Hints on Writing

History is always about research: each minor fact becomes a subject of the detailed investigation. Though History research papers should be written according to the basic rules, writing them has its peculiarities. This article describes how to make your History research paper bright and of high quality.

Use Primary Sources

The following sources are considered primary:

  • diaries
  • letters
  • periodicals
  • public speeches
  • official reports
  • photos etc.

Such sources will make your History research paper much more interesting. Many primary sources are available online.

Write Lively

When writing your History research paper, try not to forget that History is about the people. Though the events from the pages of your books took place many years ago, your task is to make them lively on the pages of your History research paper:

  1. Avoid using clichés and giving shallow estimations.
  2. Provide quotations.
  3. Add interesting details.

Consider Different Opinions

History is not the exact science: speaking figuratively, when studying this subject, you cannot be sure that 2 multiplied by 2 equals 4. The historical events get different interpretations, which makes this science difficult and interesting at once.

Try to reflect the different opinions about the historical events you investigate in your History research paper. Give the references to the authors and their works which you used in your History research paper, even if you did not provide the word-by-word quotes: the sources of the ideas also require referencing.


History research papers are not just about retelling the content of your books and articles. You can give your estimation to the facts and their interpretations. However, do not be too subjective: when expressing opinions in your History research paper, support them with the facts and the opinions of the other researchers.

“History is still in large measure poetry to me”, said Jakob Burckhardt. “History is not melodrama, even if it usually reads like that”, argued Robert Penn Warren. When writing your History research paper, find the golden mean between these points of view and make your writing interesting and objective.

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