A Reference List in an APA Format Thesis: Main Rules to Remember

thesis apa formatAre you about to start writing a thesis using APA format? Then you should definitely know all the formatting requirements of this citation style. We agree that at first it will be rather tricky to keep all those rules in mind. This is why it is highly recommended that you have a specific manual of style, which you can consult any time you need. Another good idea is to look through sample APA theses to get a general understanding of how an APA format thesis should be organized.
In this article, we want to discuss briefly a reference list in APA format theses. Like any other chapter of your project, it should be arranged according to specific rules, and we highlight the main ones below.
General facts about a reference list in APA format theses:
A reference list, which is also called bibliography, appears at the end of your project. It gives information about sources you have used to prepare your thesis and that are cited in the text. The reference list of your thesis in APA format should start on a new page, in the centre you will have to write “References”.
Rule 1
Throughout your APA format thesis reference list, you will have to use the so-called hanging indentation. It means that the first line of your source is not indented, while all the subsequent lines should be indented 1,5 inch.
Rule 2
All entries in your APA format thesis reference list should be put in alphabetic order. The author’s last name goes first, then initials.
Rule 3
All major words in journal titles should be capitalized. However, you should use italics for book titles.
In next articles, you can read about a thesis presentation and thesis binding.

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