Sample Literature Review Papers: Signs of a Successful Review

sample literature review paperSo, you have already found several sample literature review papers before starting to work on your own review. Definitely, it is a wise decision, because a literature review is going to be an important part of your project, and it should be organized properly.
However, do you know how to distinguish a successful sample literature review paper from a poorly written one? Needless to say, you have to choose only the best sample literature review papers as a guide for preparing own review. Therefore, we have listed some signs of those sample literature review papers that you can use as writing models.
Sign 1: background information
Start reading a sample literature review paper from the very beginning. Does the author provide enough background info on the topic he/she addresses? Can you get from the very beginning what the project will be devoted to?
Sign 2: significance of research
Another important thing to pay attention to is whether the author of the sample literature review paper establishes the rationale behind his/her research, explains the place his/her research will take in the existing knowledge.
Sign 3: analysis
Keep on reading this sample literature review paper. Does the author make a thorough analysis of scholarly works he/she used or the review looks like a list of books, articles, and journals? You also need to make sure that all the works mentioned in the sample literature review paper are relevant to the main research problem.
Sign 4: overall organization
Is your sample literature review paper organized according to some unifying system? There are several ways to arrange a literature review: chronological, methodological, thematic, by publication, etc.
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