A Dissertation Abstract: Quick Tips for Writing the Smallest Part of your Project

dissertation abstractWe are sure now you know that when it comes to writing a dissertation, everything plays an important role, even the smallest parts of your project. All of them make up your dissertation and the overall impression from it. By the way, one of the best opportunities to make a positive impression from your project is to write a strong dissertation abstract. This is what we will focus on in this article.
The gist of a dissertation abstract
A dissertation abstract, in other words, can be defined as a “snapshot” of your project. It should give a clear idea of what your dissertation is all about, the problem it addresses, its findings, and contribution. Mind that you will not have too much space for that, because dissertation abstracts are usually 250-350 words long.
Reasons for writing dissertation abstracts
Basically, there are two main reasons for making a dissertation abstract:

  1. You make it for the readers so that they could get what your dissertation is all about without reading it.
  2. You make a dissertation abstract for various electronic databases, especially for the ProQuest, where your project will almost certainly be published. By the way, in the ProQuest they require 350- word thesis and dissertation abstracts.

What to include in your dissertation abstract
Finally, you need to know what aspects of your work should be highlighted in the dissertation abstract. Usually, the following points are included into dissertation abstracts:

  • your research area and specific problem you are addressing;
  • your central argument;
  • methodological approaches;
  • justification of your research, explanations of its significance.

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