How to Structure an A Level Geography Coursework

a level geography courseworkOne of the main reasons why students fail their project is wrong structuring. Imagine such situation. You have gathered interesting material, analysed it, and disclosed a topic properly. However, your grade is not that high as you expected it to be. What is wrong then?
Well, if you are about to start writing your A-Level Geography coursework, you certainly need a good example of how to structure your paper properly and what pattern to follow.
It may take much time to find a good example of a perfect A-Level Geography coursework. This is why we have decided to describe how to structure A-Level Geography courseworks and explain what should be written in each chapter.
Your A-Level Geography coursework should consist of three major chapters. Let us talk about them.
A-Level Geography courseworks: Introduction
In this chapter, you should:

  • present a topic and research question;
  • say a few words about the importance of studying Geography;
  • state the purpose of your project;
  • prove that your research and A-Level Geography coursework are worth readers’ attention.

A-Level Geography courseworks: Main Body
This chapter of your A-Level Geography coursework consists of two parts:

  • Data presentation
  • Data evaluation

Data presentation
When you present data, make sure you use reliable facts. Pay attention to statistics, examples, and complicated terms. If you feel that this or that word needs to be explained, do not hesitate and give all necessary explanations. In this case, your A-Level Geography coursework will be interesting and comprehensible to every reader.
Data evaluation
While evaluating findings, do not forget to add your personal point of view. Say what you think about the topic under consideration.
A-Level Geography courseworks: Conclusion
After you finish the first two chapters, present the results of your work. Have you managed to achieve the goals set? Was the problem explained properly? What are your recommendations? Is there something to be researched further?
Make sure your A-Level Geography coursework meets all requirements discussed above. Good luck!

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