Dissertation Critique: Making a Chapter by Chapter Analysis

dissertation critiqueMaking a dissertation critique is an extremely useful exercise, especially for those students who are about to start working on their own projects. Analyzing and commenting on past dissertations allows to gain a deep understanding of what a dissertation project is all about, how it should be composed, formatted, etc.
In a few words, a dissertation critique is just an in-depth analysis of someone’s project. If you have never done something like this before, let us explain you the essentials of making a dissertation critique chapter by chapter.
Making a dissertation critique: chapter 1
An introduction is the first chapter in any dissertation, and your analysis will start with this chapter. Particularly, you have to analyze the following:

  • how background information is presented;
  • whether the purpose of writing a dissertation is clearly explained;
  • whether the author presents a strong and precise thesis statement.

Making a dissertation critique: chapter 2
The next section of your dissertation critique will be devoted to a literature review. Here, you need to evaluate how exhaustive a literature review is, whether the author uses relevant sources, etc.
Making a dissertation critique: chapter 3
Then, pass to the chapter called a dissertation methodology. In this part of your dissertation critique, you have to analyze the following:

  • research design
  • instrumentation
  • methods of data collection and data analysis.

Making a dissertation critique: chapter 4
Usually, this chapter in dissertation projects tells about findings, and your task boils down to evaluating these findings and results of research. Basically, you need to define whether the author managed to answer the main research question.
Making a dissertation critique: chapter 5
Finally, get down to analyzing conclusions and discussion. While making your dissertation critique, explain whether the author makes a proper overview of his/her work, gives some recommendations as to further research, etc.
Do you know how to make a dissertation executive summary? If not, find explanations in our next article.

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