German Courseworks: How to Improve Your Grade

german courseworkWriting in a foreign language is not easy, no matter how proficient you are. This especially refers to German that many students find so difficult. Although it resembles English to some extent, there are still too many peculiarities you should know and keep in mind.
Anyway, no matter how good at German you are, you want to get a good grade on your German coursework. We are ready to share with you the main secrets of achieving this goal. Yet, let us warn you that an excellent German coursework is a result of your hard work, and this work should start far before you get down to writing your coursework.
So, here is a list of the main keys to preparing effective German courseworks.
Key 1
The very first thing you need to do is get a copy of the coursework mark scheme used by your teacher. You need to know your target market and requirements for it. As a rule, the following things are assessed in German courseworks:

  • content;
  • language;
  • grammar;
  • accuracy.

Key 2
Read as much as you can in German. It is the most effective way to enrich your vocabulary that you will have to demonstrate later in your German coursework.
Key 3

Write out useful phrases, structures, joining words while reading. Thus, you will be able to use in your German coursework such phrases as “auf der einen Seite
/auf der anderen Seite” (on the one hand/on the other hand) and others.
Key 4
Write your German coursework in your own words, do not copy what you read. It is also important to keep in mind that direct translation from English can spoil your paper. Use all German words you know to express ideas.
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