How to Write Toulmin Argument Essays

toulmin argument essayStephen Edelston Toulmin was a British philosopher who offered a well-known theory of argument. Toulmin papers were found rather useful in the fields of Rhetoric, Philosophy and Ethics.
This philosopher presented a great way of analyzing a text. If you need more information about this model to prepare good Toulmin argument essays, continue reading!
Toulmin argument essays are papers that give answers to HOW and WHY questions. Toulmin believed that a strong argument should be composed of six issues. In order to prepare a good Toulmin argument essay, you need to know them. Let us talk about each one in this article:
In Toulmin argument essays, a claim is a statement that is supposed to be accepted by your readers. In other words, this claim is the main idea that a student presents in his/her Toulmin argument essay.
Data (or the grounds) is those facts that serve as a strong basis for the claim in Toulmin argument essays. If you state something, you need to prove its propriety.
In your Toulmin argument essay, a warrant is a statement that connects data and your claim. In other words, you need to explain WHY data proves that the claim is true.
In Toulmin argument essays, backing is a kind of additional support to the above-mentioned warrant.
Without any doubts, you may face many counter-arguments to your claim while writing Toulmin argument essays. A rebuttal is a section where these objections should be mentioned.
This part of Toulmin argument essays is not essential. Still, if you want to indicate the strength of your claim, you can do it in the qualifier!
If you want to present a good Toulmin argument essay, you need to consider all these issues!
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