Dissertation Components: Following the Necessary Structure

dissertation componentsYou are getting down to work on one of the most important projects in your life, and we have to tell that you should take seriously everything related to your dissertation.
In this article, we want to talk about the proper dissertation structure and the main dissertation components. Why is it so important to stick to that structure and not to miss any of the dissertation components?
Everything is simple. Each dissertation component has its functions that in its turn play a significant role for the entire project.
So, here are more details about dissertation components.
Dissertation component #1
It is called an Introduction. Usually, it is 12-18 pages long. This is where you introduce the main problem of your work, give background information, explain rationale behind your research, and present your major purpose of doing this study.
Dissertation component #2
What comes next is a Literature Review – one of the most daunting and time-consuming chapters that might be up to 30 pages long. Here you provide details about previously conducted research on your topic. Introduce opinions, findings, and recommendations of other reputable scholars.
Dissertation component #3
A Methodology section, which is 8-15 pages long, explains how exactly you go about doing your research. Describe all approaches, methods, tools used.
Dissertation component #4
The next chapter introduces your Findings (10-15 pages). Basically, you need to explain whether you have answered the main research questions posed.
Dissertation component #5
The final chapter of your dissertation is called Conclusions and Recommendations. In 7-20 pages, summarize your work and give recommendations as to the future research within your field.
You should not forget about such minor dissertation components as References, Appendices, etc. Here, you can get more details about writing a dissertation introduction.

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