Dissertation Structure: Essential Components of Your Project

dissertation structureThe proper structure of a dissertation is one of the factors that will affect the result of your work. Every institution sets its own requirements for the necessary elements of a dissertation. This is why make sure you know all the requirements for dissertation structure established in your university before you get down to writing your paper.
However, despite some specific requirements, any dissertation should include several essential elements. You will find more details about them below in this article.
Dissertation structure: Introduction
A dissertation, as any other paper, should definitely have an introductory part. A dissertation introduction is designed to present your topic, research, and explanations of their importance.
Dissertation structure: Literature Review
It is an absolutely necessary element in the structure of any dissertation. A literature review introduces details about research already conducted within your field. This part also points those issues that require further investigation.
Dissertation structure: Methodology Section
The reader is interested in your project and research. Now, he/she wants to know how exactly you conducted research and achieved the results.
Since you have already carried out your research, simply give details about it in the methodology section.
Dissertation structure: Findings and Discussion
For some readers, this is the most significant part of your dissertation. They want to know what you have come up with.
Clearly describe your findings, emphasize their significance, and give your opinion on those things you have found out.
Dissertation structure: Conclusions
This is the final part of your project, a kind of wrap-up. Summarize your work and give a couple of recommendations as to further research.
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