The Outstanding Thesis/Dissertation Award: How to Win the First Prize

the outstanding dissertation awardThe Outstanding Thesis Award or Outstanding Dissertation Award is a prize that graduate students can win for their hard work and significant contributions to some area of studies.
In this article, we are glad to provide basic information about the Outstanding Dissertation Award so that you could win the first prize!
The Outstanding Dissertation Award: categories
There are three categories or areas of studies, and you have to check whether the field of your research fits one of them:
Category A: Humanities and Fine Arts;
Category B: Social Sciences, Business, Education;
Category C: Mathematics, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Biological and Life Sciences.
The Outstanding Dissertation Award: prizes you can win
There are several nominations, and you have a chance to win prizes in one of them:

  • Outstanding Graduate Student – 1 award, which is $10,000;
  • Outstanding Dissertation – 3 awards, $5,000 each one;
  • Outstanding Thesis/Report – 3 awards, $3,000 each one.

The Outstanding Dissertation Award: documents you should submit
Make sure you have all necessary documents; otherwise, you will not be eligible for the award. So, you need to submit:

  • A properly filled in nomination form;
  • A letter from the chair of the Graduate Studies Committee. In this letter, he/she has to explain why your dissertation was selected for nomination;
  • Two letters of support, either from your supervisor, a committee member, or the chair of your department;
  • A copy of your dissertation. Mind that it should be in PDF format.

The Outstanding Dissertation Award: some requirements for your dissertation
To win The Outstanding Dissertation Award, your project should meet some standards. Particularly, it should:

  • Make some significant contributions to the research field;
  • Be original and creative;
  • Be properly organized;
  • Demonstrate high quality of writing;
  • Have the potential to be published.

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