Theology Dissertations: Free Hints for Writing

theology dissertationYou must be a real philosopher if you have signed up for writing a theology dissertation and you are ready for the disputes about God and other related issues. Certainly, we have no doubts about your knowledge and understanding of the subject.
However, even such smart guys like you need help at times, especially with writing theology dissertations. We have several useful tips and ideas on how to prepare a good theology dissertation.
Before getting down to work on your theology dissertation, we recommend you think about the purposes you pursue. So, what is the goal of writing your theology dissertation?

  • To know and understand your religious traditions better?
  • To learn more about other religious traditions?
  • To compare two religions?
  • To promote certain religious traditions? Etc.

So, define your purposes. In fact, it will be the first step to selecting the main idea of your project.
What else can you do to come up with a good topic for your theology dissertation? Well, you can just open the Bible and point at any line in the Holy writing.
It sounds like a joke, but we really mean it! Certainly, you do not have to devote your theology dissertation to the first idea that you see. Just look at it and think whether there are some captivating details to plunge into.
Another good way to come up with a worthwhile topic for theology dissertations is to think of some controversies surrounding today’s church or even God. You can devote your project to dispensation.
Or, have you read the book of the French writer Frederic Beigbeder Je crois Moi non plus: Dialogue entre un évêque et un mécréant? The author is talking about the existence of God, about church, pray, and many other things with his former teacher, the priest Jean-Michel Difalco. This book can become a perfect basis for your theology dissertation.
If you need more info about a PhD dissertation, do not hesitate to use our blog. Here you will also find details about The 95 Theses.

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