Chemistry Dissertations: Getting Started

Chemistry dissertationThe modern world cannot exist without chemistry. And it is really great that you have signed up for writing a Chemistry dissertation. It means that more discoveries and important findings are waiting for us.
However, before you discover something important, you have to do many different things. Now, you are making the first steps to completing your Chemistry dissertation and getting your degree. Let us help you a bit so that to make this first stage of writing your Chemistry dissertation easier.
What should the whole undertaking start with?
We insist that your work on the Chemistry dissertation should begin with finding and looking through past dissertations. There are two main reasons for that:

  1. Looking through past Chemistry dissertations allows you to create an “image” of your project;
  2. Past Chemistry dissertations will give you an idea of already studied issues and areas that can be investigated further.

So, do not hesitate to visit the ProQuest dissertation database where you will find reliable and perfectly done Chemistry dissertations.
Cooperate with your advisor
Hope you have already chosen your Chemistry dissertation advisor. You have to work with him/her and get on well from the very first days.
For instance, you cannot go without an advisor when choosing a topic for your Chemistry dissertation. Although your background knowledge may be solid, you are not an absolute expert yet. An advisor will tell you for sure whether your topic is worth investigating.
Working with sources
First, you need to make sure that enough sources needed to cover your topic are available. You can find useful information in printed resources, electronic publications, online databases, etc.
Another important step you will have to take is writing a dissertation proposal. In our article, you can find useful tips.

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