How Students Come up with Thesis/Dissertation Themes

dissertation themesBefore writing this article, we have conducted a kind of survey and asked students who completed theses or dissertations how they picked theses/dissertation themes.
So, we introduce the results of our survey below.
The easiest way to come up with dissertation/thesis themes
We have to say that this way of finding a thesis or dissertation theme is not the most popular one. However, if you have thought over a dozen of ideas and none of them seems to be suitable, you will most likely do the same.
What we mean is a list of thesis/dissertation themes offered by your supervisor. This way has both pros and cons:

  • The biggest disadvantage is that you do not follow your real interests. You just pick something that more or less suits your preferences.
  • The positive side of this way is that your supervisor definitely knows a lot about each dissertation/thesis theme offered and can help and assist you throughout your research and writing process.

A bit more complicated way to come up with dissertation/thesis themes
As you can guess, the great majority of students prefer to pick thesis or dissertation themes independently. This way might take you more time. Yet, we know how you can facilitate this process. Recollect all research and term papers that you have completed. Can you remember a topic that seemed special to you? Let it be your thesis/dissertation theme.
An unexpected way to come up with dissertation/thesis themes
Sometimes, ideas for your project come all of a sudden. In the course of our survey, one of the students told us a story about a life-changing event that affected the choice of a dissertation theme. The same can happen to you!
If you still need tips on how to choose a dissertation topic, read our next article. Our writers will also explain you how to find a reliable thesis writing guide.

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