Thesis/Dissertation Extension – Your Chance to Get a Degree

thesis or dissertation extensionIt is an absolute disaster! I do not know what to do. The deadline for my thesis/dissertation is approaching, but I am sure I will fail to meet it. Gosh! What should I do? My degree and future in general are under great threat!
Well, your inability to meet the deadline is definitely a really good reason to start panicking. Yet, do you remember that a real dissertation/thesis writer should never give up? You have to use all means to manage tough situations. Failing to meet the deadline is bad news indeed.
Still, we have to assure you that you still have a chance to get a degree. Thesis/dissertation extension is what will help you do it.
Thesis/dissertation extension: how does it work?
So, you are unable to complete your project because you lack time. In fact, it is not a disaster, since you are allowed to extend the deadline and get additional time for completing your project. This additional time is called a thesis/dissertation extension.
Thesis/dissertation extension: how can you get it?
There is a specific application form that you will have to fill in. Mostly, it is about those reasons why you lack time for completing the project. Mind that you need to have really good reasons and some documents that will prove them.
Thesis/dissertation extension: what steps should you take?
These are the basic steps to take before applying for a theses/dissertation extension:

  • You have to address the Department chair, a Program Officer;
  • You have to explain the reasons why research and the writing process have stopped;

Thesis/dissertation extension: some peculiarities
Sometimes, students are required to pay some money for a thesis/dissertation extension. Besides, you have a chance to get 2 or 3 one-year thesis/dissertation extensions.
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