Tips for Writing a Dissertation Introduction

dissertation introductionWhen we talk about dissertation writing, we talk about a serious assignment students need to prepare in order to get a degree. To achieve good results, everything should be perfect in your dissertation.
Any dissertation paper starts with an introduction. Introduction should set the tone of the entire dissertation. This is why writing a dissertation introduction is one of the challenging parts to complete.
In this article, we would like to spill several secrets of writing a dissertation introduction. There are 5 main things you should know to write a good dissertation introduction. If you are a novice writer, follow the tips for writing a dissertation introduction presented below.
Answer the following questions in your dissertation introduction:

  • Is this topic up-to-date?
  • Why did you choose this very topic?
  • What is the significance of the topic?
  • Is it of scientific value?
  1. There is another issue you should present while writing a dissertation introduction. It is your purposes. What goals did you set? How are you going to achieve them? Writing a dissertation introduction means demonstrating your competence and readiness to do research. Prove that your background knowledge and skills are enough to conduct a deep and profound investigation.
  2. P.S. Do not confuse writing a dissertation introduction with writing a background section. You should not focus on background info.

  3. Writing a dissertation introduction should be finished with a brief description of research methods. Do not go into details, just inform your reader on how you are going to investigate the chosen problem.

Does it not seem to you that writing a dissertation introduction is not that difficult? Surely, this chapter plays an important role in your work. So, try to do your best while writing a dissertation introduction.
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