Good Ideas for GCSE ICT Coursework

GCSE ICT courseworkWriting GCSE ICT coursework is unavoidable for those students who want to get their General Certificate of Secondary Education.
If GCSE ICT coursework is what you are working on, our article should interest you. Have you already decided what topic to develop in your GCSE ICT coursework? Do you have any ideas? Well, the following info will definitely help you.
Due to its wide nature, ICT integrates many other sciences. Let it be the topic of your GCSE ICT coursework: ICT and Its Impact on Other Spheres of Life…
Here are several ideas you can use and develop in your GCSE ICT coursework.
ICT and Internet
You may investigate whether ICT, Internet in particular, are controlled by corporations. How does all this work? Besides, you can make a deep analysis of all the changes in the field of ICT that happened during the last five years. Present the outcomes of your research in details in your GCSE ICT coursework.
ICT and Physical Education
Some of the PE teachers use different information and communication technologies to make their classes more interesting and efficient. Examine in your GCSE ICT coursework how resources, training, funding, age, and personal opinion influence the integration of Information and Communication Technology (if at all) within the curriculum of PE.
ICT and Economics
If you choose to work with these two spheres, conduct research and analyze how ITs influence the development of economics and present the results in GCSE ICT coursework. We suggest you choose one particular country and focus on the development of economics under the influence of ICT there.
In fact, there are much more spheres that cooperate and even depend on Information and Communication Technologies. So, first you need to decide what sphere is more interesting to you, and then start thinking over your research that you can conduct and present in GCSE ICT coursework.
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