The 95 Theses: Information for Consideration

95 thesesReading The 95 Theses written by Martin Luther is a regular assignment for the Religion, History or Literature classes. If you are too lazy to read and comprehend all the 95 theses, this article is what you need. Here you will find the most essential information on The 95 Theses you need to consider.
What is The 95 Theses?
The 95 Theses was a document that Martin Luther composed in order to catalyze the Protestant Reformation. This document gave birth to Protestantism and encouraged people to protest against the medieval Church. The publication of The 95 Theses was the reason for the split of the Church. Thus, Lutheranism emerged and became a particular branch in Christianity.
The Background of The 95 Theses
The background of The 95 Theses emerged from the disputes about indulgences within the Roman Catholic Church. According to the rules established by the Roman Catholic Church, everyone who had committed a sin could just pay money, thus, receive forgiveness from the Church and the Lord. Martin Luther charged the Roman Catholic Church’s policy and made attempts to implement reforms. So, he expounded his vision of the ideal religion in his 95 theses.
People’s reaction to The 95 Theses
The 95 Theses became widespread all over Europe in a very short period. His ideas resonated with people regardless of class and status. However, Pope Leo X forced Luther to recant 41 purported errors. Some of them were from The 95 Theses and some of them were related to other Luther’s writings and sayings.
The 95 Theses can be a topic for European history essays as well as a Literature term paper. So, do not ignore them!

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