Hunter Thomson Essays: Ideas to Consider

Hunter Thomson essayHunter Stockton Thompson was an American writer and a famous journalist, one of the representatives of gonzo journalism. His lifestyle and principles attracted people’s attention during his life and after his death.
Do not be surprised if one day you get a task to prepare Hunter Thomas essays, for example. This article will be interesting for you, if:

  • You need to present Hunter S. Thomson essay, but know nothing about this person;
  • You want to pick out a good idea to cover in Hunter S. Thomson essays;
  • You just want to know more about the life of this journalist.

Here are several ideas you can present in Hunter Thomson essays:

  1. Thomson and Hells Angels. Hunter S. Thomson essay may be about the times spent in a motorcycle gang, Hells Angels. There was one conflict between Thomson and Hells Angels: the gang was not satisfied that Thomson made money on their stories and did not share the income.
  2. Thomson and Gonzo journalism. Hunter S. Thomson essay can be devoted to this journalism style. Thomson was one of its fathers. It is characterized by humour, sarcasm, and even profanity. Such style was completely new for that time!
  3. Thomson and his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Hunter S. Thomson essay may be about his book that brought him popularity! It was a story about a journalist Raoul Duke (Hunter himself) and Dr. Gonzo who went to Las Vegas to cover the events of Mint 400 (a motorcycle race). You can watch the movie with the same title and write a couple of sentences about it in your Hunter Thomson essay.

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