Argumentative and Analytical Types of Research Paper

types of research paperBeing a student is not an easy thing:

  1. wake up early in the morning not to miss the first lecture;
  2. be prepared for all classes;
  3. have time for friends and boy\girl friends;
  4. be a good son/daughter, etc…

Telling the truth, we can talk about advantages and disadvantages of being a student for hours! Still, the main purpose of our article is a bit different!
It is not a surprise that students can easily forget about some writing trifles among this great variety of assignments. So, our articles can help you recollect some of them. For example, in this article we will talk about possible types of research paper.
Oh…You think that knowing about the types of research paper is not as important as being aware of the latest sales in a top-brand new shop. Well, let us see what you will say if tomorrow you get a task to write a high school research paper, for example!
What type of research paper will you choose? Hmm… This is the first time you hear that there are several types of research paper!? Then, pay attention to the following information!
There are two main types of research paper – argumentative and analytical. Let us talk about these types of research paper!
Argumentative research papers:
The purpose of writing this type of research paper is to persuade the reader in the author’s point of view. While writing this type of research paper, a student should choose a concrete standpoint and prove it!
Analytical research papers:
The purpose of writing this type of research paper is to formulate a research question and answer it in the process of researching! This type of research paper makes students think and analyze!
Besides, there are some other types of research paper. You can read more about a descriptive research paper on the blog of our site.

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