Coursework Examples: Do not Make a Mistake!

coursework examplesIt is not a secret that students are eager to find all possible ways to make their work easier! Whenever they get an assignment, the first thing they do is start looking for some examples online (or even for a complete paper).
They do not want to write any Math coursework, they cannot decide what issue to research within their Science coursework, and they are completely confused when they are assigned to write a literature coursework.
The only thing they know is that it is possible to find several coursework examples, choose the most appropriate topic and prepare own work following such coursework examples! Do not make such mistake!
It is one of the worst steps that you may take while writing a coursework. Nowadays, students have forgotten that coursework example have been created only in order to help and show the right way of completing such assignment. You cannot use some coursework examples, copy them and say that you are the real author!
What can happen if you simply copy the ideas presented in coursework examples (without paraphrasing or citing the sources) and present as your own work?

  • First of all, you may be blamed for plagiarism. Here are two variants possible: your work will not be accepted and you will have to start working from the very beginning or, what is much worse, this assignment will not be accepted at all and you will get an F.
  • Secondly, it can happen that the same coursework examples will be used by your fellows. Such situation is not the best one. Can you think of the consequences?

  • Finally, did not you think that one of such coursework examples were written by your tutor? Just imagine his/her face when you hand in such kind of work! Be careful!

Do not think that you cannot use coursework examples at all. Just be careful and use them correctly. If you think that some of the ideas from coursework examples are worth being mentioned, either paraphrase or cite the source they are taken from.

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