KS4 Coursework: Peculiar Features

KS4 courseworkDear students! Sometimes, it is very difficult to comprehend why your tutors give you so many tasks! Still, such tasks are inevitable, and you should be ready for everything!
In this article, we will talk about writing such an interesting paper as KS4 coursework! Do not be afraid of this abbreviation. It stands for Key Stage 4 coursework.
KS4 coursework is a piece of work, which is assigned during your compulsory schooling (to be more precise – during the last two years).
When you are a 10-14 year old student, you cannot avoid writing your KS4 coursework. National Curriculum has a collection of programs that each student should go through. In fact, the number of subjects is not too great (English, Maths, Science, Sex, Religion, Career and Physical Education).
Writing your KS4 coursework is not as difficult as writing a child development coursework or a History coursework, where a lot of information should be gathered and analyzed. In order to create a good KS4 coursework, students should attend classes regularly (to keep track of the current course).
KS4 coursework should be structured. You may use the example of structuring given below for writing your own KS4 coursework.
KS4 coursework structure:

  1. Title page;
  2. Introductory part;
  3. Section 1;
  4. Section 2;
  5. Section 3;
  6. Concluding part.

Three sections cover the main idea of your KS4 coursework’s body. In this part, students should present a sufficient amount of theoretical knowledge on the chosen topic. Do not fall into details – just necessary information that will help your tutor estimate the results of your work.
KS4 coursework is one of the first serious papers you will have to prepare in your student life. So, work hard on it!

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