Making a Proposal and Writing a Dissertation Proposal

dissertation proposalI think that in order to prepare some task, it is better to understand its essence, first of all. When I got my first task to write a dissertation proposal, I thought about that very proposal, which should be made by a man… I do not know why writing a dissertation proposal caused such thoughts, still…
You know, my conception of a dissertation proposal was just right. For some people it is better to understand the essence of the task by means of comparison.
So, I tried to follow this way.
You may wonder how it is possible to compare writing a dissertation proposal with making a proposal. I will give you several ideas, hope you will like them.

  1. When we start writing our dissertation proposal, we hope that it will be the first and the last dissertation proposal in our life. Sometimes, we are wrong. If you look at making a proposal – the situation is the same. You think about the best way of making your proposal and truly hope that it is the one in your life. Thus, our dreams not always come true.
  2. When we present our dissertation proposal to the committee, we think that it will be approved by all its members. So… Look here… When one makes a proposal, he\she wants that all members of both families approve this choice, still… there is always a person, who will tell his\her NO!

  1. When we write our dissertation proposal, we try to use interesting ideas in order to attract the attention on many people and prove that our dissertation proposal is the best and correct. Well… During the period of preparation to making a proposal, you think how it is possible to amaze your honey and attract the attention.

So, your dissertation proposal is so important for your education, as well as making a proposal is important for your life. You want to take this step and never regret about it.

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