Chicago Style Term Paper: Rules to Follow

Chicago style term paperChicago style term paper writing requires adhering to certain rules established in the Manual for Writers of research papers, Dissertations, Theses and Chicago Manual of Style. Information presented below provides some basic rules to follow while writing your Chicago style term paper.
Chicago Style Term Paper: Format

  • Use 1 inch margins on all sides;
  • Double-space the text of your paper;
  • Do not double-space block quotations, they should be single-spaced;
  • Single-space references and foot/endnotes;
  • Include the name of your academic institution, full title of your paper, class information, your name and date of submission in the title page of your Chicago style term paper;
  • Place the page numbers starting with the second page of your Chicago style term paper. Place them in the upper right hand corner.

Chicago Style Term Paper: Citations
Chicago style term paper offers 2 possible ways of making citations:

  • Parenthetic citations. It implies giving a Work Cited page in the end of your document;
  • End/footnotes with bibliography.

It is strongly recommended to consult your Professor on the type of citations he/she requires.
Chicago Style Term Paper: Foot/Endnotes
As a rule, footnotes present reference information at the bottom of the page and endnotes introduce this information in the end of the document before the bibliography page. Every source presented in foot/endnotes should be given a certain superscripted number after the cited material.
Chicago Style Term Paper: References
There are 3 possible names for the list of references provided in any Chicago style term paper. They are “Bibliography”, “References”, or “Works Cited”. As a rule, the references are arranged in alphabetic order by the author’s last name.
Keep to the rules given above if you want your document to be formatted the way it should be, and you will certainly be satisfied with your grade.

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